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New energy Company offers a full range of distribution services for your product

We work with all federal networks.

We are engaged in shipping to more than 10,000 stores

3 warehouses

We store your products in equipped warehouses both in Siberia and in the Central region in order to respond to store requests as quickly as possible.

Deliveries throughout Russia and CIS countries.

We supply more than 1000 SKUs annually.

We offer to put your product on the shelves of retail chains.

Our advantages:


Quick calculation

We provide fast settlement of contracts. You make a profit without waiting for the full sale of your product.
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Professional team

The company's staff consists of managers with successful experience in all food chains, which today lead more than 100 categories of both food and non-food products.


Responsive support

We answer your questions via the hotline at any time, keep our finger on the pulse of all business processes.

Increase in sales

We bring your brand to the top-selling category by controlling the display of goods on the shelf.

How to get into a large retail chain?

Today, many companies are engaged in the production of various products from food and stationery to clothing and furniture. The most topical problem for suppliers is finding sales markets where they can sell their goods. Some suppliers work with small local markets, but such customers cannot provide a large demand for goods, so the final profit is usually small. .

Other manufacturers are trying to trade via the Internet, but this area requires large investments in advertising, and the level of revenue is constantly changing. The best trade option for the supplier is cooperation with large federal networks. Among them are large organizations like (Pyaterochka, AzbukaVkusa, Magnit) and so on. Cooperation with them provides the supplier with a lot of orders and a good stable profit.

However, it is quite difficult to get into federal retail chains. The main problem lies in logistics and distribution federal networks need stable supplies, and suppliers often do not have enough employees to solve the necessary tasks. This problem is especially acute for long-term contracts when staff is urgently needed. What to do in a situation where a retail chain offers a profitable contract, and you do not have enough employees to solve all the necessary tasks?

There is a way out in such a situation, you can ask for help from our company New Energy. We have been supplying goods for large federal networks for more than 15 years, we know all the nuances and subtleties of working with large Russian companies. We have at our disposal the necessary equipment and qualified employees who are ready to deliver your goods to the shelves of large Russian stores at the federal level at any time.

We work completely autonomously. You produce the necessary goods and transfer them to us, and we ourselves carry out their delivery and distribution through retail chains. We stipulate the terms of cooperation in the contract in advance, we do not deviate one iota from the contractual requirements.

We have only experienced employees on our staff, and we deliver within predetermined deadlines. Therefore, your partners from the retail network will be satisfied with the quality of the work performed.

We cooperate with suppliers both large and small. We have the necessary equipment, machinery, and specialists for delivery. Approximate prices for services are indicated on our website. Have questions or want to apply? In this case, call the hotline or contact us through the website during business hours we are always in touch.

Goods in large retail chains

Store requirements for new suppliers

Network trading implies strict compliance with the requirements of supermarkets. You need to understand in advance what is interesting about your product, whether it will be useful to certain customers. Each store appeals to its target audience.

Cooperation with (Ashan, Svetofor, Lenta, Magnit, AzbukaVkusa) is valuable for domestic producers, therefore 80% of Russian products are on the shelves of markets. Suppliers of goods for these retail chains are required to meet the following criteria:

  • Unconditional and stable quality, which is documented;
  • The competent price-quality ratio of the product, thoughtful packaging;
  • The product must have an adequate appearance that arouses the interest of consumers;
  • Uninterrupted supply of products of the specified quantity to all stores of the network;
  • Availability of production license, registration of the owner as an individual entrepreneur or legal entity;
  • The use of transport and equipment equipped for the supply of the specified category of goods.

Large stores are more willing to partner with manufacturers who have gained local fame, have a promotion strategy and a wide range of products, and are also ready to create products under the store's trademarks.

New Energy

The answer to the question “Retail chains-how to enter" is to provide the benefits of working with you, present official documents, prepare the packaging of the goods. But the most important thing is to ensure an uninterrupted supply of products of the declared quality. With suppliers who do not know how to correctly set logistical tasks, large stores say goodbye without delay.

We offer to save your time and effort. The New Energy company takes care of the issues of concluding contracts and supplies your products to the network. For storage and transportation, we use special modern equipment, so we confidently commit ourselves to product quality. .

Let's conquer the world of online trading together!